On-site meeting rooms, workspaces, and lunchrooms have never looked so good! First, we take the time to understand your needs and budget. Then our team of experts use a range of modifications to build you the perfect site office that's appropriate to the conditions and can withstand its forecast level of usage long-term.

Create a functional worksite oasis

Container modifications commonly used to create a great site office:

  • Sufficient lighting and number of powerpoints to cater for users and any appliances. Electrics can be powered by a generator or mains as appropriate
  • Doors and windows postioned to suit the office size. Beyond function, they help create a pleasant, bright environment. We also have a range of security options that can be added
  • A suitable flooring solution to cater to the level of traffic, provide added warmth and reduce noise
  • Heavy load shelving to help keep the office organised and safe
  • Climate control and ventilation solutions are selected based on your site's location and exposure to its environment
  • Plumbing modifications can be carried out if a kitchen or toilet area is required in the site office

We appreciate that each site has a unique set of factors that need to be taken into account. National Containers are committed to working collaboratively with you to ensure that the site office fits your needs long-term and you get the best value for money.

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