Convert your container into comfortable space by insulating. This modification will keep noise out, and also keep it contained within. Crucially, adding insulation will help you trap either the heat or the cool AC air from escaping. This is not only more economical in the long-run, but you'll find the space feels a lot more comfortable. Note: If your container is part of permanent building plan insulation is required by law.

Make your container feel like less of a container

We have a range of insulation options to satisfy your requirements and your budget.

Insulation material options:

  • Foam: The most effective insulation material. Can be applied to the inside and/or outside based on your requirements. Foam has the biggest initial outlay; however, it is far more economical in the long-run
  • Blanket: Covers container walls just like a blanket. We place insulating material inside stud walling gaps. This is the most simple and affordable way to insulate
  • Eco-friendly: Go green with an organic fibre such as wool or cotton for the insulation

Not sure which insulation is best for you? Contact us for advice. 

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