Ample, temperature-controlled storage

The most commonly used refrigerated ("Reefer") container for shipping and storage, the 20ft will hold a substantial volume of temperature-sensitive goods, keeping them perfectly cool and in optimal condition. Our Reefer container range includes everything from precision temperature-controlled containers you can trust your seafood in, to Non-Functioning Reefers which serve as insulated containers – great for protecting goods—such as wine—from temperature fluctuation.

Reliable refrigerated storage for your perishables

Storage of temperature sensitive cargo can only be trusted to a high-quality climate-controlled Reefer. Our 20ft containers run off an external power source such as building mains or a diesel generator and are either single phase (250 volts, 15 amps) or three phase (500 volts and 32 amps).

20ft Functioning Refrigerated containers are commonly used for:

  • Storage for food manufacturers
  • Cool room warehousing
  • Event, festival or food truck onsite refrigerated storage
  • Long distance transportation of temperature sensitive goods
  • Surplus stock of supermarkets
  • Safe transportation of meat, seafood, dairy products, frozen goods, flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Storage of medical supplies or chemicals

Non-Functioning Refrigerated containers (NOR)

These are simply decommissioned refrigerated containers with their motors removed. A Reefer has a stainless steel interior, aluminium T-bar flooring system, 75mm-100mm of insulation – without its motor, the container still protects from outside extremes and is incredibly useful for: 

  • Storing wine
  • Storage of artwork and important documents
  • Backyard storage sheds or home projects where insulation is required
  • Storing goods that need a relatively consistent cool temperature

Buying a container provides a long-term solution with maximum cost efficiency and the flexibility to make it your own. For more information, please contact us – we are here to help.

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